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La Chambre Bleue

The Blue Room (Dar Ben Miled) is a 40 m 2 B & B, located in the heart of the Medina of Tunis , in a historic house. It includes a large room with a living room and sofa bed, an alcove with a double bed, a closet and a bathroom. It is a comfortable and harmonious space. It has central heating and internet.

24, rue du Divan, 1059, Tunis.

La Chambre Bleue  Tunis  Chambres d'hôtes Tunisie
La Chambre Bleue (Tunis):
 Living room
La Chambre Bleue  Tunisie
La Chambre Bleue (Tunis):
Suite bed corner
La Chambre Bleue  Tunis
La Chambre Bleue (Tunis) : Suite

Dar Zargouni

Dar Zargouni, guest house overlooking the Nefta Corbeille, all comfort, swimming pool, air conditioning ... 
Located in Nefta , southwest Tunisia, 25 km from Tozeur , the house is perched on a sand dune overlooking an original oasis.
Dar Zargouni is composed of four suites perfectly autonomous, decorated with taste and subtlety. Its three lounges certainly correspond to different times of the day but also to the mood of the moment have an impregnable view on the Corbeille of Nefta.

Road Sahara Palace - 2240 Nefta - Tunisia 
Tel: (+216) 98 621 920 / (+ 216) 71 908 04 8 


Dar Zargouni
Dar Zargouni (Nefta): The House
Dar Zargouni
Dar Zargouni: swimming pool
Dar Zargouni
Dar Zargouni: Living room 

Dar Bibine

Dar Bibine is a guest house with all comfort, ideally located in the center of the preserved Medina of Erriadh, enchanting your discovery of the island of  Djerba. The quiet will accompany your stay in a house where traditional djerbian architecture blends with sleek, white and minimalist design.

Street Abdel Wahab 7  Erridh  Djerba Tunisia 
Tel: 75 671 196 

Chambres d'hôtes de Tunisie Dar Bibine (Djerba)
Dar Bibine (Djerba):
Calm and relaxation

Dar Bibine (Djerba): swimming pool
Dar Bibine (Djerba):

Couleur Méditerranée

Couleur Méditerranée is a bed and breakfast located in Tabarka , 175 kms from Tunis, in the north-west of Tunisia . The house is clinging to the cliff, at the water's edge, overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean. 
The exceptional view allows the view to encompass as far as the eye can see deserted beaches with the island and the strong Genoa in the foreground.

Tourist area Larmel 
BP 160 Publiposte- Rue Mohamed Ali  
Tabarka- 8110- TUNISIA 
Tel: + 216 52 040 314/55 776 974 
+ 33 06 89 37 39 49/06 12 59 49 44 

Couleur méditerranée (Tabarka): swimming pool

Couleur méditerranée (Tabarka): patio

Couleur méditerranée (Tabarka):

Dar El Yasmine

Dar El Yasmine
 in La Soukra, near
Tunis, known for its gardens and orchards of orange trees. It is a guest house located in a very quiet place with a large garden and a nice swimming pool. Ideal location for visiting Tunis, Carthage  La Goulette and Sidi Bou Saïd . 
The house has 2 suites and a double bedroom. Table d'hôtes on request.

Tel: 25 328 268/98 962 668 

Chambres d'hôtes La Soukra Tunis
Dar El Yasmine (La Soukra):
Chambres d'hôtes La Soukra Tunis
Dar El Yasmine (La Soukra): swimming pool
Chambres d'hôtes La Soukra Tunis
Dar El Yasmine: 
Office corner

Dar Sidi Abdallah

Dar Sidi Abdallah , rural house located in a green orchard of three hectares on the road of hammam mellegue, three kilometers from the town of Kef , the house has 7 guest rooms. Guaranteed change of scenery and enchantment.
Tel: (216) 52 66 21 55 / (216) 98 60 40 38 

dar sidi abdallah le Kef
Dar Sidi Abdallah (Le Kef): living room
dar sidi abdallah le Ke
Dar Sidi Abdallah (Le Kef):

Dar Sidi Abdallah (Le Kef):
swimming pool


Tamezret (Ath Mizret), a small Berber village millenary, is located 15km from the village of  Matmata on the road to Douz . It is difficult to date exactly the village of Tamezret. Ancient dwellings, hidden caves, abandoned oil mills. Small roads dot the village. An atmosphere like in the Middle Ages. In this idyllic village lies L'Auberge. A courtyard surrounded by stone walls, 3 guest rooms, an underground dining room, a terrace under the southern Tunisian sun, offering an unlimited view of the Grand Erg.

6054 Tamezret - Tunisia 
Tel: (216) 75 244 026 OR (216) 27 162 856



L'auberge (Tamezret): living room coin  

L'auberge (Tamezret):

L'auberge (Tamezret): living room

Dar Boumakhlouf

Dar Boumakhlouf , Located on the heights of the Medina of Le KEF, Dar Boumakhlouf offers you an exceptional view on the most illustrious the most famous and most visited sites of the city of Le Kef . Decorated with care and taste inspired by the traditional and cultural heritage Kéfois, the house offers comfort and tranquility. The 3 rooms around the patio are adorned with an authentic carpentry and dressed in the pure tradition Kéfoise.

13 rue Kheireddine Becha Le Kef, 7100 
Tel: (216) 78 201 467 / (216) 53 784 379 

Dar Boumakhlouf Le Kef
Dar Boumakhlouf (Le Kef):
Indoor patio
Dar Boumakhlouf Le Kef
Dar Boumakhlouf (Le Kef):
Dar Boumakhlouf Le Kef
Dar Boumakhlouf (Le Kef): Health

Dar Gaïa

Dar Gaïa , a guesthouse in Djerba , part of the Oxalá House project, is the first fair and socially responsible tourism residence in the Tingitingi® project. This residence is conceived like a foot of nose with the mass tourism with its galloping variant "The All-Inclusive" ... A provocation to the mastodon in its own cradle: Djerba Oxalá (pronounced ô-cha-lâ) is a Portuguese interjection derived from the Arabic word "Inchallah", an expression of hope mingled with humility. The residence adheres fully to the charter of fair tourism, and promotes direct contacts with the local populations.

BP33- Mezraya Houmt Souk Djerba - Tunisia 
Tel: (216) 95 601 319 

maison d'hôtes à Djerba
Dar Gaïa (
Djerba): living room
maison d'hôtes à Djerba
Dar Gaïa (Djerba) : bedroom
maison d'hôtes à Djerba
Dar Gaïa (Djerba): garden and patio

Dar Om El Khair

Dar Om El Khair . In the heart of the city of Nabeul , lies Dar Om El-Khair the guesthouse of Ameur. Integral and completely independent rooms, the two suites and the guest room, the swimming pool, the two lounges, the garden and the terraces overlook the vast verdant Patio of the mansion of Mounira and Taïeb.

4 rue des parfums Nabeul 8000 - Tunisia
Tel: 21 658 876 

Chambres d'hôtes de Tunisie Nabeul
Dar Om El Khair (Nabeul): patio and swimming pool
Chambres d'hôtes de Tunisie Nabeul
Dar Om El Khair (Nabeul): living room
Chambres d'hôtes de Tunisie Nabeul
Dar Om El Khair (Nabeul): bedroom

Dar Nejma

Dar Nejma in Tozeur is a group of old houses now restored. None of the five suites looks like the other.There are objects made of palm wood, wrought iron and weavings of the region. The living rooms, dining room and kitchen are absolutely beautiful. In the Arabic language, Nejma means star. As a story, the many stars of this magnificent home tells stories. They also tell the story of the owner of the place, a painter who left hurriedly and painted his life and his battle against a serious illness in a rainbow.  

Tel: +
33 6 79 09 98 86

Chambres d'hôtes
Dar Nejma (Tozeur): bedroom

Dar Nejma (Tozeur): swimming pool   
Chambres d'hôtes Tozeur
Dar Nejma (Tozeur): Health

Villa Zembra

Villa Zembra , guest house, at the tip of Cap Bon in Tunisia in the village of El HAOUARIA, bears the name of the island which, in a Mediterranean blue between sky and sea, plant a natural atmosphere coated with a perfume Of jasmine. 
The Arab garden, the patio, the fountains and the terraces open on the bush, the Mediterranean and the island Zembra, sets the tone of the permanent decoration of Villa Zembra. An unrivaled eco system for an organic stay and well-being.


Villa Zembra (El Haouaria): garden & swimming pool 

Villa Zembra: swimming pool et
View on Zembra island

Villa Zembra (El Haouaria): bedroom

Dar Hi Nefta

Dar Hi Nefta is a new concept of guest house, designed by the designer Matali Crasset. These are 17 comfortable rooms, designed and decorated differently. Art, ecology and well-being are easily combined in this harmonious ensemble. There is a hammam spa pool and organic food.

Ezzaouia Nefta, Tunisia 2240 

Dar Hi Nefta un nouveau concept de maison d'hôtes
Dar Hi (Nefta): swimming pool
Dar Hi Nefta un nouveau concept de maison d'hôtes
Dar Hi (Nefta): living rooms
Dar Hi Nefta un nouveau concept de maison d'hôtes
Dar Hi (Nefta): bedroom

Dar Fatma

Dar Fatma , Perched on the cliff overlooking Carthage and the Gulf of Tunis, in Sidi Bou Saïd , Dar Fatma, authentic Arab house offers its guests a space suitable for rest and change of scenery.

1 rue Sidi Bou Taraa Sidi Bou Said 2026- Tunisia 
Such as: 23,246,888 

Dar Fatma (Sidi Bou Saïd):
Exceptional setting
Chambres d'hôtes de Tunisie Dar Fatma (Sidi Bou Saïd)
Dar Fatma (Sidi Bou Saïd):
Chambres d'hôtes de Tunisie Dar Fatma (Sidi Bou Saïd)
Dar Fatma (Sidi Bou Saïd): solarium

Dar Sidi

Dar Sidi , Located on the beautiful beach of Rejiche  close to Mahdia , is a guest house with all comfort. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, tv, tel, air conditioning and heating. You will appreciate the reception, the tranquility, the swimming pool, the restoration and a direct access on a sandy beach.

Dar Sidi Rejiche-Mahdia Tunisia 
Such as: 73 687 001/55 316 950 
www.Residence_Dar_Sidi .....

Dar Sidi (Mahdia): swimming pool
Dar Sidi Rejiche Mahdia
Dar Sidi (Mahdia): patio 
Dar Sidi Rejiche Mahdia
Dar Sidi(Mahdia):
private beach


Zmela (GPS: N 32° 51 528 / E 09° 34 162) est situé à la lisière de l'Erg oriental, en plein désert, à 20 km au sud ouest de Ksar Ghilane.  Pour s'y rendre il y a deux moyens: le 4x4 ou le dromadaire. Le logement sous des tentes d'hôtes est original mais confortable. Nous avons trouvé des gens accueillants, des lieux propres, le respect de l'environnement est la devise ici. Loin de tout et rien d'essentiel ne manque. Dépaysement, calme et bonheur sont garantis. Un conseil: allez y vous serez ravis.

Agence Libre-Service Voyage
Avenue M’hemed Marzougui - 4260 Douz Tunisie
tél: (216) 75 740 620 ou  (216) 98 673 675

Jean-Pierre Caerteau - 4, rue des Lys - 33240 Saint-Gervais 
Tél. : 05 57 43 38 32 GSM : 06 08 85 18 48


Chambres d'hôtes dans campement Tunisie
inside a tent, photovoltaic lighting

Chambres d'hôtes dans campement Tunisie
Tent of hosts in the middle of the desert
Chambres d'hôtes dans campement Tunisie
Sanitary block with solar hot water

 Maisons d'hôtes - Tunisie - www.nachoua.com bedroom
s d'hôtes - Tunisie - 
- Chambres d'hôtes - Tunisie