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 Djerba Island

Sweet Djerba

Located in the south of Tunisia, the island of Djerba (writing also Jerba) is famous since ancient times.

Enhanced by its charm, Homer has dedicated one of his poems. Ulysses stopped over there, and almost break his journey, he was so amazed by its shores.

Jerba island
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The island measures only 25 km long and 20 km wide. Its surface is flat. Its vegetation is almost absent, except for a few palm trees and olive groves. Remember, we're in the Sahara Desert.

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Djerba Tunisia

But where it has charm?

No doubt its wild nature, mild climate, summer and winter, its traditional architecture and its wonderful beaches.

Djerba has 130 thousand inhabitants. Its capital is Houmt Essouk, known for its crafts, jewelers and fishing port.

Since the Sixties Djerba became a tourist place privileged with a hundred hotels, a golf, a casino and soon a marina.

Sunset not to be missed

Potters of Guellala
South west of the island is Guellala, the village of potters. All its inhabitants are engaged in this ancient craft. Vases, jugs, jugs strewn along the only street. Some are colored clay, others are of dazzling whiteness. Do you know why?

They will explain that it is a case of water. Where water is salted with clay it gives white color. If the water is soft it gives the clay color.

On the southern outskirts of Houmt Souk is Ghriba, a Jewish temple, the sixth century before J.C.. This is the second high place of Judaism in the world. It is also a place of pilgrimage. Indeed, in May the Jews, especially from the Maghreb, come collect it.
Djerba  synagogue

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Saharan Circuit

You are at the edge of the Sahara and you want the opportunity to visit this magical place and know the Berber culture, we recommend these 4 steps:

- The Berber cave dwellings of Matmata
- The oasis and the Roman Fort of Ksar Ghilane dans in orental erg
- The Berber Ksours around Tataouine
- Without forgetting the Souk

  • This circuit can be done by ordinary private car or through travel agencies instead..
  • Can be done in two days, with one night in Ksar Ghilane.



Aéroport International de Djerba-Zarzis
Tel :75 650 233

Tunisair   Tel :75 650 586 -
75 650 159

Gare routière Houmt-Souk
Tel : 75 650 076

Stations de louage gare routière
Tel :75 650 475

Taxis  Tel : 75 650 475
Commissariat régional au Tourisme
Avenue de l'environnement
Tél. : 75 650 016 - 75 650 544

Office national de l' artisanat  Avenue Habib Bourguiba
Tel : 75 650 146