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STAR WARS.........Tatooine  planEt


Mos Espa, a small city on the planet Tatooine became a place of pilgrimage for fans of science fiction and special effects. It is in the Tunisian desert, 14 km from Nefta and 38 km from Tozeur that George Lucas has planted its decor. The place is magic and visitors combine curiosity for adventure.

Planete Tatooine


Star Wars ou Guerre des étoiles près de Tozeur

The sets are still there and well maintained by the tourism board which placed permanently guards. Besides these decorations were used in the filming of Episode II and Episode III of Star Wars (Star Wars).

La route Nefta
- Mos Espa
How to get to Tatooine?

From Nefta, take direction of Sahara Palace and at the end you find on your right a paved road that takes you to "Star Wars", the location of Mos Espa Tatooine. The distance is 17 km. From there you can visit Ong Jemel 10 km away. The latter portion is a vehicle track but difficult in places. With no guide, a GPS navigator is recommended ... and do not forget to bring water.  

Star Wars Planete Tatooine
Star Wars Star Wars Nefta Tozeur
Star Wars Nefta Tozeur

This place is spread out May 2, 2015 the world's largest flag registered in the Guinness Book.


Dunes électroniques de Nefta
Photo de arthurperset.com

First edition of the "Dunes Electronics" festival in Nafta, from 21 to 24 February 2014, on the site Star Wars in the desert Ong Jemel. The event will continue every year.


Star Wars Planete Tatooine
Star Wars Planete Tatooine
STAR WARS......... planète Tatooine STAR WARS