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"Sahel Pearl"


The Sahel is a coastal region of the center  Tunisia. It is known for its olive groves, industry of the textile and tourism.  It is the most populated area of all Tunisia. Its main cities are called: Sousse, El Jem, Monastir and Mahdia.

El Kantaoui marina has boomed constantly growing since its construction in 1977. It is a marina, built, according to an Arab-Andalusian architectural style, with alleys, arches, squares, houses imbricated, shops, restaurants and cafes.


Neptune (archaeological museum of Sousse 
Located in the Kasbah, new archaeological museum of Sousse, recently restored, thanks to the Franco-Tunisian cooperation, is a wonder of the value of its collections and wise arrangement. Its collection of Roman mosaics is one of the richest in the country. The exhibits are the result of excavations in Sousse and its surroundings.

El Kantaoui Tunisie
El Kantaoui 

Formerly Sousse was called Hadrumète. He was built at century IX, by the Phenicians. Located at 130 km from Tunis, Sousse counts 110 thousand inhabitants. Pleasant city with a pretty beach, an Arab old city with ramparts and souks, a trade and fishing port and modern districts in seaside..


10 km north of Sousse is Port El Kantaoui. All around, hotels, entertainment centers, golf 70 ha, a casino, and nightclubs have sprung up and have made this area a the best resorts in the country ..



To visit

  • The Médina
  • The Ribat
  • Dar Echaraa
  • The Kobba 
  • Catacombs
  • Kasbah
  • The large Mosque
  • The archaeological Museum of Sousse in the Kasbah


  • The Carnival of Aoussou (July)
  • Le festival international de Sousse (juillet/août)
  • The international festival of Sousse (July/August)
  • Médina Festival (October) 
  • International festival "Films  for children" (March)
  • European days cinema (November)


Old City Ramparts

Mosaic Collection
Archaeological Museum

Love perceived by the Romans

God of wine and vine, accompanied Ariane


Hunting and fishing scenes 

Early Christian Baptistery 

The greyhound  
Plan de la ville de Sousse
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Plage de Sousse - Tunisie
 Boujafar beach Sousse